Campus Facilities

Unisex Restrooms – In order to accommodate all people on campus, Operations & Facilities  Management developed a list of Unisex Restrooms (pdf).


To help facilitate a smooth transition back to work after childbirth, Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) offers 26 lactation spaces for nursing mothers across campus. Each room provides a private space where nursing mothers are welcome to pump and includes a chair, small table, and an electrical outlet. Pumps, sinks, and microwaves are also available in some rooms. Please visit Facilities Management Department – Laction Rooms to learn more and to find a list of lactation rooms.

Health and wellness


Looking for help fitting family dinners into your busy schedule, visit these links to find quick and healthy dinner recipes:

Religion & Faith


The Washington University Medical Center Housestaff Auxiliary (WUMCHA), a department of Barnes-Jewish Hospital, has acted as a support group to address the unique needs of spouses, partners, residents, fellows and attending physicians affiliated with the Medical Center since 1982. These people, the majority of whom have relocated to St. Louis, have special life stresses that WUMCHA strives to address.


The Saint Louis Regional Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (STLR HERC) is a collaborative response of member institutions to the many challenges of academic recruitment and retention. As a non-profit consortium of higher education and affiliated employers, our sole aim is to help the most diverse and qualified candidates find the right jobs at our institutions.