Promotion Packet

Associate Professors and Professors

Approvals of promotions of Associate Professor and Professor on the Clinician and Investigator Tracks occur at the monthly Division Chiefs meeting.

The following is a list of the required supporting documents your Division Chief will submit to the Chair to be distributed to committees reviewing faculty for promotion.

Letter from the Division Chief and Department Chair

Letters of support
Should be a combination of external and internal sources. These are requested by your Division Chief.  Maximum of 6:

  • Assistant Professor: 3-4 (minimum)
  • Associate Professor and Professor: 5-6 (minimum)

Curriculum vitae
Current, Department of Medicine format. View CV resources »

Clinician-Educator Portfolio (CEP)
Must be included with all requests for Clinician Track promotions. Learn more about the CEP »

Reprints representing the candidate’s best work
Must be included with all requests for appointment/promotion (except for instructor appointments):

  • Three – six reprints should be submitted for Assistant Professor and five – six reprints for Associate Professor and Professor.
  • Please note: Send only the first page of the reprint which shows the abstract rather than the entire article. Please be sure the entire reference is listed on the front sheet. If the journal reference is not printed on the first page, please type the complete reference in the upper right-hand corner.