The mission of the DOM Health and Wellness Program is to:

  • Increase the overall well-being of the DOM Faculty by focusing on a culture of wellness, compassion and resilience
  • Help DOM Faculty in linking with their purpose, joy and engagement.

Carolina Salvador, MD is an Associate Professor in the Division of Oncology in the Department of Medicine (DOM) and the Medical Director of the DOM Wellness Program. Dr. Salvador is an Oncologist and an Integrative Medicine doctor and was previously a part of the Wellness in Medicine program at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Key Goals

  • Improving the faculty well-being of the DOM​ 
  • Evaluating well-being, burnout, and engagement​ 
  • Developing and deploying evidence-based interventions​ 
  • Offering wellness education and services​ 
  • Enhancing wellness scholarship 
  • Identifying organizational stressors and bring them to the attention of the DOM leadership  

The Well-Being Council is made up of faculty from participating divisions in the Department of Medicine and began their work toward faculty wellness on December 6, 2022.


Washington University Resources
  • Washington University Human Resources – The WU employee experience embraces a culture of care. HR provides information and resources for employees on well-being.
  • Washington University Health Care Resources – WU offers a number of health care resources to help support you and your family including a dedicated United Healthcare Nurse Advocate and more.
  • Washington University Priority Appointments – WU Health Plan Participants receive preferred access to physicians, psychiatrists and therapists.
  • Washington University Psychiatry –
    • Adult and Child Psychiatry appointments
    • 1:1 visits with a department clinician
    • Expanded capacity of clinicians available to all employees,
    • Spouses, and children
    • Psychiatrists and short-term counselors, access for new patient within 2 weeks
    • Appointments are confidential, via in person or zoom
    • For Appointments: 314-286-1700
    • Apps, websites, books, podcasts suggestions
  • Health & Wellness
    • Wellness Connection – Works to make a positive impact on faculty, staff and students. Their events, programs and information are geared toward the health, wellness and quality of life.
    • Wellness Challenge – Join as an individual or with a team and log healthy activities that help you feel your best.
    • WU MyWay to Health offers Health Coaching, Weight Management Programs, and Presentations for benefits-eligible employees.  They offer quarterly hybrid workshops and events on Health and Wellness topics. 
    • BJC WellAware Center – Located at 4220 Duncan Avenue #103. The center offers a complete fitness program and equipment including classes in aerobics, spinning and yoga. They are staffed with exercise specialists or physiologists who can provide personal training to help individuals to achieve their fitness goals.
    • WUSM Bicycle Parking
    • WUSM Locker Rooms & Shower Rooms
  • Childcare
  • Financial Well-Being
    • Enrich – Web-based platform that offers personalized finance courses and tools to WashU employees, with a particular focus on the relevant life events and benefits of the employee population.
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Reporting
    • Safe Reporting – Report a professional accolade or concern about the learning environment.
    • Mandatory Reporting – Who is a mandatory reporter?
    • Title IX Office – Provides resources available to any member of the WU community who has been affected by a Title IX violation and needs additional support.
    • Office of the Ombuds – Resource for faculty members that offers assistance in the informal resolution of work-related conflicts, advocates for fair treatment and process, and follows four distinctive princles of Confidentiality, Indendence, Impartiality/Neutrality, Informality.
Outside Resources
  • AMA Physician Wellness Resources
  • Physician Support Line – (1-888-409-0141) Psychiatrists helping our US physician and medical student colleagues navigate the many intersections of our personal and professional lives. Free, Confidential & Anonymous. No appointment necessary. Call for any issue, not just a crisis.
  • Suicide Prevention – Call 988
  • The Emotional PPE Project – Connects healthcare workers in need with licensed mental health professionals who can help. No cost. No insurance.
  • Marvin – This teletherapy service is designed for clinicians and is staffed by mental health professionals who understand the clinician lifestyle. Therapy is focused on building new skills to help you navigate the health care environment. MARVIN therapists are included in the University-sponsored health plan. To confirm coverage, you can look up the name of the MARVIN therapist at If you would prefer out-of-pocket payments, you can indicate that in your intake and MARVIN will bill you directly. To learn more, visit
Phone Apps
  • Visit to choose the app that works best for you.
  • Waking Up – Daily guided meditation. Free 7 day trial. In-app purchases.
  • Yoga Nidra- Relaxation Lite – Stress management toll. Free.
  • Calm – Guided mediation. Free 7 day trial. In-app purchases. Calm is a family-friendly benefit that can be used by anyone in your family. It also caters to parents and those navigating pregnancy. For those with children, Calm for Kids is a wonderful resource to support their growth. 
  • Headspace – Unlock self-care ideas. Free 14 day trial. In-app purchases.
  • Insight Timer – Meditation app guided meditations. Free
  • Plum Village – Guided meditations, deep relaxations and other practices. Free.
Books, Podcasts, Articles, Programs