WELL-BEING Index graphic

As part of our commitment to wellness, the Health and Wellness Program in the Department of Medicine has partnered with the Departments of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Radiology to offer the Physician Well-Being Index (WBI), a 9-question online self-assessment based on validated research conducted by the Mayo Clinic. This self-assessment tool will provide an immediate, individualized estimate of your current well-being level, along with tools and local/national resources to aide in addressing your well-being. Information will also be provided to help you access resources to improve wellness and reduce burnout.

This program is anonymous and confidential. Your personalized information will not be shared with anyone in the Department of Medicine or at Washington University.

The WBI PowerPoint Presentation (pptx) provides more detailed information about the Physician Well-Being Index. Setting up an account is easy and completing the index takes less than one minute.

If you have any questions regarding the Well-Being Index, please contact Jennifer Mosher at mosherj@wustl.edu or Dr. Carolina Salvador at c.salvador@wustl.edu.