Appointments & Promotions

It is our goal to help Department of Medicine faculty members achieve their career goals, including appointments and promotions.

Washington University School of Medicine has a long-standing tradition of excellence in teaching, research and patient care. The school’s future as a premier institution depends on the timely and fair consideration of its faculty with respect to appointment and promotion.

Career planning

The department recognizes four faculty career pathways, each of which encompasses a set of specific criteria that reflect the needs of the individual, specialty, department and School of Medicine.

Guidelines and requirements

Department of Medicine faculty are subject to promotion guidelines and requirements both at the department and school levels.



One of the most important resources you will use when navigating this process are the Appointments and Promotions Guidelines and Requirements “APGAR”, which apply to all School of Medicine faculty.

A faculty vote to ratify the updated amendments of the APGAR document was completed in April 2014. The amendments were affirmed overwhelmingly.

Curriculum vitae (CV)

All Department of Medicine faculty should create a Curriculum Vitae (CV) in the Washington University School of Medicine format. The Department of Medicine has created a CV template with guidelines and provided sample CVs written by DOM faculty to help faculty avoid common mistakes.  DOM faculty should use the DOM CV template when creating and updating their CV.

Clinician educator portfolio (CEP)

In addition to a CV, all Department of Medicine clinician track faculty must submit a Clinician Educator Portfolio (CEP). Although the traditional emphasis for academic success has focused on the research environment, the CEP will highlight other scholarly activities, making this body of work visible and peer-reviewable.

Learn more about the CEP »

Letters of Reference and Support

The Office of Faculty Development recently held a workshop on writing letters of reference and support. The workshop provided a general overview followed by a panel discussion of WUSM faculty experts.

Career Development Workshop: Does your letter of reference promote you? – Recording
Career Development Workshop: Does your letter of reference promote you? – Powerpoint Presentation
Resources on writing letters of reference and support