Physician Leadership Training

The Department of Medicine, in collaboration with BJC Institute for Learning and Development offers a leadership training course.

For questions or additional info on the Physician Leadership Training Course, please contact:
Jennifer Mosher at mosherj@wustl.edu or 314-454-8960.

Training objectives

  • Advance leadership and facilitation skills to improve team dynamics and effectively achieve desired outcomes
  • Enhance knowledge of the vocabulary, concepts and strategies fundamental for success in leading system and process change in health care
  • Improve leadership effectiveness by enhancing problem solving and decision making skills

Session 1: Facilitation skills for leaders

Participants will learn how to facilitate in order to more effectively achieve desired outcomes. Topics include

  • Team dynamics
  • Essential facilitation
  • Advocacy & inquiry
  • Process tools
  • Disruptive behavior interventions
  • Planning effective meetings

Session 2: Accelerating Change & Transitions (ACT) 

Participants will learn and utilize the Accelerating Change & Transitions (ACT) model and the tools associated with the seven change elements, which include:

  • Leading the way
  • Creating a shared urgency
  • Focusing the vision
  • Building coalitions & commitment
  • Charting a transition roadmap
  • Aligning systems & structures
  • Sustaining momentum

Session 3: Situation appraisal and decision analysis

Participants will learn and use two of Kepner-Tregoe’s (KT) four rational thinking processes for Situation Appraisal and Decision Analysis (Potential Problem/Opportunity Analysis may be covered if time permits).

Session 4: Lean leadership

Participants will focus on what it takes to become a culture of disciplined execution. The basics of the Toyota-based philosophy will be introduced including an overview of ValueStream Mapping, Single Piece Flow, Standard Work, and Daily Management among other key components.

Advanced Leadership Training Workshop

The DOM Office of Faculty Development worked with the BJC Learning Institute to offer past participants of the DOM Leadership Training Course an opportunity to advance their skillset and application of learning in the Fall of 2018.  This advanced leadership training consisted of 3 sessions and provide participants with the following:

  • Exposure to a one-day Project Initiate Plan
  • A one-day session to provide an overview refresher of the four Leadership Training Courses (ACT, FSL, KT, Lean) along with tailored coaching specific to participant’s projects
  • A third session with participants grouped by skills needed for their specific projects

The cost for faculty and staff selected was covered by the Department of Medicine.  The next application cycle for the Advanced Leadership Training Course is yet to be determined. For questions or additional information contact Jennifer Mosher (mosherj@wustl.edu).

Advanced Leadership Training Workshop Flyer (pdf)